Customer Surveys

Learn more about what your customers want!

Discover how they rate your products, services and value. Identify market opportunities for new products or enhanced services. Identify areas that need improvement and what attributes are most important to customers. Further evaluate results by gender, age class, income, or other categories that drive consumer perceptions and actions.

Customer Profiles:

A detailed survey of your customers will provide you with a profile of your customers and the tools to make strategic decisions that affect customer satisfaction, attraction and retention. Customer profiles incorporate perceptions, attitudes, and purchasing habits combined with basic demographic information to identify attractive market niches upon which you can capitalize.

Use the profiles for new product or service design, to increase your retention rate of existing customers or to target potential new customers more cost effectively.

Identify Market Opportunities:

How satisfied are customers with the products and services currently provided by the marketplace? How important are various attributes to those consumers? What price point do you need to hit to gain market share with enhanced product or service offerings? A detailed market research and competitive analysis can identify the attributes you need to provide to gain market share.

Information and Analysis:

Not only will you receive critical information about your customers, we will work with you to interpret the results and help you maximize the value of the information to your organization.

Customer surveys are ideal for:

  • Customer Attraction and Retention
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product and Service Design
  • Competitive Benchmarking

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