Demand-Side Management Studies

Improve Your Bottom Line With DSM!

In a time of high costs for new generation, high fuel prices, and increasingly strict environmental regulations, Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs are an essential element of your resource portfolio and risk management strategy.

Energy efficiency and load management programs are not only beneficial to customers and the environment, they help you improve the bottom line and reduce the price and environmental risks associated with new generation. Clearspring Energy Advisors has extensive experience designing and evaluating cost-effective DSM programs for utilities nationwide.

Example: DSM Measure Screening and Program Design:

A Midwestern utility sought to enhance its resource portfolio and improve its customer relations through DSM programs. Clearspring’s staff evaluated numerous potential DSM measures, developed cohesive programs for offering cost-effective measures, designed an implementation plan for delivering those programs, and made the appropriate filings with state regulators.

The Clearspring evaluates the impacts on customers, the utility, societal benefits, and the risk management elements associated with DSM programs to design an optimal portfolio of measures for you and your customers.

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