Energy Forecasting

Forecasting and resource planning are critical functions of any successful business. This is especially true of capital-intensive utilities that cannot change course on a dime. Prudent load forecasting allows you to optimize resources and provide reliable, cost-effective power to your customers for years to come.

Clearspring Energy has extensive experience developing load forecasts to meet a wide variety of needs and audiences, including:

  • RUS-approved forecasts for cooperative borrowers
  • State-approved forecasts for IOUs and municipals
  • Customized forecasts for internal planning

Depending on your needs, we will develop forecasts for any time frequency or level of detail.

Example: Electric Load Forecast

A Midwestern utility needed to update its long-term forecast for resource planning and regulatory approval, but sought an alternative to the time-consuming and costly process of previous efforts. Clearspring staff developed an innovative process to reduce time and costs while providing detailed forecasts to fulfill resource planning and regulatory needs. The utility cut its forecasting time and costs in half while enhancing its planning and regulatory processes.

Clearspring Energy staff has developed load forecasts for over 100 electric distribution cooperatives, a dozen generation and transmission cooperatives, and numerous municipal and investor-owned utility clients across the country. Let us provide innovative load forecasting solutions for your utility that will enhance your planning efforts while reducing your forecasting time and cost.

Energy forecasting is ideal for:

  • Resource Planning
  • Loan Approval
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Rate and Cost Studies

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