Pricing and Cost-of-Service Analysis

Clearspring Energy Advisors is uniquely qualified to prepare cost-of-service studies and pricing strategies for your utility that recognize the realities of competition, fairness and cost recovery.

As operating costs, wholesale energy prices and customers change, Clearspring provides the insight, experience and technical resources necessary to develop competitive rate structures acceptable to both regulators and customers.

Our services include:

  • Wholesale and retail cost-of-service studies
  • Unbundling studies
  • Rate design and tariff preparation
  • Expert witness testimony and regulatory support
  • Purchased power, fuel and natural gas pricing analyses
  • On-and off-peak pricing, load control rates and special contracts for key customers
  • Financial analysis and planning

Clearspring Energy Advisors' staff has the depth and extensive experience required to help your utility develop new competitive rate options, unbundled wires and power charges, interruptible rates, bypass and cogeneration avoidance rates, economic development rates and connection policies that will allow your utility to achieve the its financial objectives.

Pricing strategy is the key to maintaining customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Let Clearspring Energy Advisors provide your utility with expert pricing and financial analysis... cost-effectively without adding permanent staff.

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