Strategic Planning Services

Prepare for the Future(s)!

The post-Enron world requires broader strategic thinking that is not confined by traditional single-point forecasts and narrow probabilistic ranges. A well designed strategic plan allows you to prepare for a broad range of potential futures while focusing on those elements that are most critical to your business success.

Knowledge is Power!

The professionals at Clearspring Energy Advisors have extensive experience preparing strategic plans in the energy industry. Those plans range from comprehensive corporate strategic plans to strategic plans for business units such as operations, environmental, and resource planning.

Strategic Planning Example:

A large utility needed to add new generation to its portfolio while recognizing the uncertainty of future load growth, fuel prices, and environmental regulations.

A flexible strategic plan was developed to evaluate generation options under a set of plausible future scenarios. The analysis identified what size and types of generation should be built under any scenario and which plants should be re-evaluated after key signposts were more evident.

Don't be reactive!

You don't need to bet the farm on a single-point forecast or a narrow range of potential outcomes. In an increasingly-competitive utility industry, the range of analysis needs to be broader and more flexible. Clearspring Energy Advisors will help you plan for an uncertain future and stay ahead of your competitors.

Strategic planning is ideal for:

  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Resource planning
  • Environmental planning

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