Targeted Marketing Services

Vastly Improve Marketing Effectiveness!

Are you sending marketing materials to your customers with disappointing response rates? Would you like to get more bang for your buck out of marketing campaigns? Targeted marketing analysis allows you to identify those customers most likely to purchase a product or participate in a program before launching an expensive marketing campaign

Professionally-designed targeted marketing analysis can greatly improve the hit rate on marketing efforts compared with random or blanket marketing campaigns. This results in higher sales volumes at decreased cost. In addition, targeted marketing analysis identifies the key characteristics found in product buyers or program participants. This information allows you to more effectively design marketing materials for your target audience.

Example: Green Power Marketing:

A large utility was struggling to sell its green power product to its customers, despite significant marketing efforts and expenditures. Targeted marketing analysis more than doubled the hit rate of its marketing campaigns compared to previous efforts and identified the characteristics most often found in its green power buyers. This allowed the utility to increase program participation and re-design marketing materials to its target audience. That utility now ranks as one of the top sellers of green power in the nation.

Clearspring Energy's approach leverages your internal customer data with third-party economic and demographic information about your customers to identify those customers most likely to purchase a product or service. Effectively targeting potential customers saves you valuable time and money!

Targeted marketing services are ideal for:

  • Green Power
  • DSM and Load Management
  • Internet Services
  • Satellite Television
  • Other Products and Services

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